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aniblue04_a_down.gif How to install a tube Tutorial aniblue04_a_down.gif

Tutorial for Tubes with One Picture

1. Make a folder for your new tubes

2. Down load the picture tube (usually in a zip file) to the folder you made

3. Unzip the picture tube/tubes using winzip extract to here

4. In Paint Shop Pro go to file to browse-find the folder you extracted the picture tubes to

5. Double click on the tube to be installed to open it

6. Go to file to export to picture tube

7. Give the file a name and click ok


Tutorial for Tubes with more than one Picture

Follow steps above for installing Tube with one picture in the export box you need to change the cells to the number of pictures in the tube

Cells Across = Number of pictures across in the tube

Cells Down = Number of pictures down in the Tube

As you see below this Dragon Tube has 4 pictures 2 across and 2 down

Total Cells = 4

Now name the tube and click ok

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