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Some of my first paintings

Have you tried to paint with a mouse before lol

Its not the easiest thing to do but after a few tries I got it

a bit of paint and the warp brush in paint shop pro

I found I could make a mountain and water and clouds too

so my first few painting had just that water mountains and clouds


A friend said that water needed to look like it went through the mountain

hmm so I edited the picture to get the results below


I tried to draw a desert scene here not too bad for my first try

this is all done with some paint and the warp brush




My first try's at adding Water reflections

I used paint shop pro some effects and some

Picture tubes to make the pictures then added the water reflections

A castle with dragons and a pond


This one has the castle reflection in the pond


A bit of painting I did here for the clouds and that walkway

to the house the rest is Picture Tubes and I added reflection effects to the pond


Picture tube are a lot of fun to play with if you have Paint shop pro

If you would like to use picture tubes take a look at my picture tube's links page

Thank you for visiting =)

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