Each Tag was made by me using Paint Shop Pro, I used Picture Tubes Textures Patterns, Brushes and Creativity.All my tags are free to use.

Just Right Click and Save As


Here is some Halloween Tags I made using Paint Shop Pro. I made the backgrounds for these tags using Paints, Colors, and Effects...The Pictures on them all came from Picture Tubes...You will find both animated and non-animated tags here....Of course the more I practice the better I get...and I hope you don't mind seeing my first trys.




I got the gif's used in these animated tags from   Heathers Animations


As with any of the free stuff I make. You may use/display on your site...If you display my free stuff on your site. Keep them Free as they were meant to be..I would like it if you put a link back to my site if you display my stuff on your site but its not required. Thank you for visiting my site......