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The first survey forum

Postby carolis » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:22 pm

I Redid my survey forum :roll:
Here is some memory I would like to save about the Old Survey Forum
A very good friend Scampi spent many hours researching survey company's
he found a lot were bogus and did not pay at the end. He asked me to start a survey forum
to let people know about the ones that really pay you will find them under cash surveys and points mean cash.. :mrgreen:
The Old Forum was up up on 24 Jun 2005 07:15 am :o
Our users have posted a total of 62 articles
We have 703907 registered users
Most users ever online was 139 on 14 Jan 2012 04:14 am

Sadly the forum soon was over come by spam leading up to a couple days ago when it was flooded with registered users (bots)
and my survey site was shut down. I have always depended on a good friend Zak to work on my forums but I decided this time
I was going to do it myself. He guided me on how to start the install and off I went got it up but ran into a lot of issues and over came them.
I had it up and running this morning finally after working on it for many hours. LoL Although I did have to seek his help with a few things today
at last its done. I have reopened Registration with Zak's help and I hope you make lots of money.... :idea:
I would like to be able to communicate with every one but there is so much spam I think its best to lock up the forum and leave it read only Thanks for visiting my survey forum
The Forum is for survey stuff only not for links to every ones forums or web pages please keep it to survey company's only all other post will be removed. :!:
Thank you for Visiting or Joining My Survey Forum.
The Management
Carol :D

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