The Avatars are a great addition to Yazak!

1st. Version 7.29.3 Using Avatars

Take a look at Screenshots of the chat room with Avatars


1st. Version 7.29.3

Using Avatars

Turning Avatars On

Format at top of Yazak Click on Avatar on to turn on Avatar on should be checked

Click on Avatar on to turn off Avatar on should be unchecked

Changing Avatars

Click on Format at top of Yazak Click on Avatar Change Select a Avatar Click on ok

Thank-You Yazak for all the hard work you put into adding Avatars to Yazak Chat!!


Version 7.30.0

This update with the pictures is so much better!

Yazak Thank-You again for the hard work you do to give us the best chat client there is!!

Screen shot CH-Chat Help

Screen shot CH-Chat Help


   Screen shot CC-Cheeta

Screen shot YZ-Yazak

Screen shot YA-Yahelite

 Version 7.31.1

On this version you can drop the Avatar pic's in..

Click on CH then click on CH Avatars Web site and drag Pic to the box and drop it in.."kewl"..

This can be done with all the sites except for cheeta!


Version 7.32.0

Click on a pic then click on add to on favorites and select a avatar..

Version 7.32.1

Now you can delete a avatar if you do not want it..

Version 7.34.0

Yahelite Avatars was added ..

Version 7.34.4

Preferences Avatars

If there is not a check in a box under preferences avatars your Yazak will not show you new avatars being used by others!

Version 7.35.1

Read Picture Directory

Click on one of the selections like>>YA then click on Read Picture Directory then click on one of the files listed and Yazak will load the avatar for you ! Now thats simple>> Thanks Yazak again for another great update!!!!

Version 7.37.1

Now on this version you can click on the show new button to see the new Avatars listed from the site you can click on a Avatar listed to see the picture of that avatar>> The show new button then says show all>> Click on show all button to see all the Avatars you have saved>>Now in the list click on one of the Avatars listed>>And now it will show you the picture of the Avatar in the Avatar drop box>> Also this will auto change to the Avatar position in the Avatar show box at top so you can select that Avatar to use with out searching for it

Version 7.38.1

Zak has added to this version Show Users Avatars Once>> Put a check @Show Users Avatars Once to turn on>> When on you will only see a Avatar posted once>>Uncheck to turn off.

Version 7.38.2

Now you can left click on a avatar in the chat room and choose Stop Showing This Avatar or Use This Avatar

Version 7.45.0

Zak has added another great feature Now you can get more that one Avatar You do this by selecting a folder Example YZ now click on read picture directory All the files that appear above read picture directory are files you do not have Now just left click and hold mouse down to highlight as many files as you want to do at a time then let go of the mouse and the highlighted files will be added to your files.

Current Version  V7.53.1

Yazak has updated the avatar selector again Now the avatars list and show  from A to Z..Also added New so if you put a check at New you will see a list of New Avatars..

Version 7.63.1

This version has use sequence letters just load in the avatars files containg the letters to use this feature you can see the letters in the pic below and there file name such as usa c gif as you can see I only have one of each letter saved to my favorites this is so I can find them easily and you only need to select one to use that set of letters under use sequence letters you can see I typed in lol and then click ok now when I type in the room the word lol comes out one letter at a time taking 3 post to the room to spell the word lol..I have had a lot of fun with this new feature and I hope you all do as well