A very Special Thank-you to all my friends in Yahoo Chat Help:1 for all your help and support.You all are the best..Huggs

And to Yazak for all your help the many hours you spent teaching me how to do web pages all the support you have giving me..With out your help I would not be where I am today..Your the best Zak..Hugggggggggs

Tech thank-you for the Chat board you made for me and the Minnie Mouse painting my name I luv it

And I would like to say thank you to all of you that visit my web site I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you in the help room and I would like to say thank you for your support..I will keep updating my site and Welcome back anytime..

Thank you to the Conservative Morning Report for making a place for Yazak Tips on your online news reports..You have a great site..Thank you Willie for making it happen..