If you are having problems at this point you need to set up your Router to Port Forward or add a exception to Windows Firewall and any other Firewall you may be running or Anti Virus program you are using

Here is some helpful links

How to set a Netgear Router to work with Yazserv


Other routers will be different and you have to find out how to Port Forward

How to forward ports on your router


Yazak's Help Page


I found this site when doing some searches for adding windows firewall program exceptions here it tells how to add exception in windows xp, vista and windows 7


How to open a specific port in Avg Firewall


You can see the History Here


Notes from Freecreed

After talking with Freecreed who had to change some settings to connect YazServ I thought this might help

 Freecreed said

with router I had to open port 5050

the IP number it (yazserv) puts in for me is the " local " IP

I have to put in the " external IP "

and point it to the IP of the computer I'm using in the router settings

I use www.ipchicken.com to check for external IP

yes.. the section of my router that deals with tcp and udp connections thru ports is called virtual server

open requests o 5050 thru 5050 .. to my local IP

each computer on the router has a different " local ' ip

each routers section dealing with port forwarding is slightly different

find the area that lists ports

some are open by default

with spaces to add yours.

Thank you Freecreed