.o O (About Thought)

About Thought .o O (Thought)

Yazak Version 7.91.5

.o O (put your thoughts here)

Right click on send to send to room

. o O (what it looks like in the chat room)

Scrolling Text

About scrolling Chat Room Text

New to Yazak is Scrolling Text in the Chat Room

Scrolling Text

(Yazak V7.93.0)

Yazak has changed the way the vmess works now you can select Marquee by right click on font

Right click on font and select marquee type

Type your text and click send this will scroll on a white marquee in the chat room

Now if Yazak can fix it to where we can change the color of the marquee

Scrolling Text

(Version 7.91.4)

Type <vmess> Text goes here. Now press SEND on your keyboard.

Here's what it looks like in the Chat Room

Only Yazak User's see the Text Scroll

Note that the Pink background was for Valentine's Day.. Look for a update where the user can change the color.

Thanks Yazak for another NICE Update.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

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