There is 2 ways to open  the Yazak update box

1.From inside the chat room

Click on Help then click on Update Yazak

This will bring up the Yazak Update Box

If  your Yazak is currently up to date it will say so at the of the update box,

2.The log on screen

Select Update then click on Update Yazak

If your Yazak is not currently up to date you will need to update it

It is best to keep Yazak and the yazak updated  up to date

There is a lot of other stuff listed here such as Avatar Selector, File Share and so on you can select the ones you want to update. You can update all or some of them.

follow the tutorial below to update your Yazak


The Update box will tell you if you have a old version of yazak

When Yazak puts on a update it will be selected as you see below. Click on the Update Checked files button at the bottom of  Yazak to update your Yazak

Yazak will  download the new version to your computer

Started downloading  yazak.exe

When the box reaches 100% a Red Box will appear at the bottom of the update box

Click to Close Yazak and Start New Version

From the Green Box you can also Go back to a old version of Yazak

Just select the version you would like to go back to and click on change version this process might take a min and the Yazak log on screen will appear you will be on the version you selected.

You can re-install Yazak from this window just select the box that says Problem with updates Select this box to Re-install Yazak from it will take  you to Yazak's web site Installer page.