Yazak Chat with voice start with the mic

Turn on voice by using the mic icon

Press and hold the talk button to talk release the talk button when done talking


Right click on the talk button to open voice box Right click on talk button to close voice box

With Voice Box open put a check in the box next to the user you want to mute in voice. Remove the check to take voice user off of mute Note you can use this box to talk as well or when you are done with mute you can right click the talk button to close it


To lock the mic

First click on voice button leave mouse arrow over talk button then press and hold the Ctrl key and L key on your keyboard and the same time to unlock mic just press the talk button.

You can see here the name of the person talking and you can see next to volume bar that status ok

next to the volume control it will tell you when the person is talking and when they are finished talking

Volume Control

Turns volume up and down for all users

Left click to turn up and down Low 16 % to High 100%

You can now see how many people are in voice chat in the change rooms box next to room name is how many people in room next to that is how many people are in voice in that chat number of users will be in ( ) number of voice users will have a V in front of the number it will look like this

Freecreed.com (12) V9 General Chat Room

There are 12 users (people) and 9 voice users in the chat room

Last Update 3/5/2014