First you should update Yazak and Yazserv

To Run the Server Program to make your own room

From the Chat Room Select Extra Toys  External Programs YazServ Run your own User Room

Once you click on Run your own user room this box will come up

1.Use the Setting Button (about settings scroll down)

2.Use the Host Button to start your room.

As a Host  you have control of the room you can use the message area to send a message to a selected user by putting a check at Send to selected users only then select a user in the user in the room. You can also kick some one from your Chat Room.. Note: When you disconnect your Chat Room Everyone in your Chat Room will be disconnected!

On the new version

Use Host to Start your Chat Room

Zak has updated the server 3/7/13

Now when you select your room from the room list right select your room name and select Join Local Host (it must be your room) this will put you in your room

Select Settings For these Options

Name Your Room

Your Short Message About the Room

goes here this will show next to your room in the room list

Your Room Entry Message will show in your chat room

You can put a Greeting or any message you want here and a Rating if you use one

You can select either Host or

Choose your Host Name

Your Connected IP will show here

Use Auto IP and it will find your Local IP for you

Put your Port here 5050

Max Room Post Size

default is set to 800 you can change it if  you like

max users per IP default is 1

max connections default 20

Leave check at allow voice

Auto Start will start the room for you

(this is helpful for a computer that looses power and restart)

EnterSnd will Make a Beep when some one enters the Room

Use UPnP this will auto map the port for you otherwise you will have to Port Forward yourself

You would need to get the codes to make voice work in Yazserv to get the YazMic Link URL for your chat room voice  you must get this from Yazak you can find him in's room in Yazserv you can enter the url before or after you install the program to make voice work in the chat room you created .To use Mumble you need to check local voice server and you would need to install mumble to your computer (I do not know of anyone using mumble voice now that yazak has added voice to Yazserv)

Some things are checked by default I would leave any thing that is already checked as it is if you have problems you can find help in's chat room Freecreed and others can help you.

To close your room Use the Disconnect Button

Yazserv error You might need to allow Yazserv into your anti virus program or your firewall

or You need to port forward

About port forward here

Yazak has a Yazserv tutorial here

Last Update 3/10/2014