To open your Preferences go to file/preferences

Perference Page 1

Alert words

Alerts you when some one types to you in the chat room. Put your Alert word here (this can be your user id or a nick name that you use) You can use more then one Alert word just separate them with commas such as carol,yazak.

HiLite Alert Words

Your selection here will show in the chat room when your alert word is typed into the chat room

You have 3 choices

No HiLite Hilite  Alert word normal  HiLite Alert word outline

Click on the color pallet to choose your HiLite Color

Here is what they look like in the room

Marquee Background Color

Click on the color pallet to choose your Marquee Color

Sound Alerts

Here is where you set sound alerts (when some one types to you in the room you will hear your selected sound) you can also set sound alerts for other stuff as well click here >>How to set your Alerts

This sets it to the percentage of the volume level.

I have mine set to 50 % meaning everyone that joins voice in the room I will hear them at 50 % of that users set volume

You will find this at the bottom of yazak preferences

You can change or add to auto correct here

This will reset your Preferences settings. (Also resets PM Preferences)

This is a log of all your ignores

This will open your PM Preference Box

Closes Yazak preferences and saves changes you have made in Preferences

Yazak Preferences Page 2

Yazak Preferences Page 3

Yazak Preferences Page 4

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Last updated Saturday, April 11, 2009