To open your PM Preferences

 At the bottom of the user list

The PM button will say 1 of 3 things

PM ON = PM's are open to all

PM OFF = PM's are closed to all

PM FRIENDS = PM's are open to friends only

To Set PM's

Just check your box

No PM's = No PM's from anyone

PM's from Friends = Only those on your friends list can PM you

PM's from Room = Any one in the chat room you are in can PM you

PM's from Chat Room Buddies = Any one on your chat room buddies list can PM you

PM's with the Magic Word = only people who have your magic word can open a PM to you

To use the Magic word

put a check @ PM's with magic word

 Type a word you want for you magic word and give it out to others

only those that have your magic word can PM you.

What to reply if magic word not said and Rejected message

these 2 boxes have a message in them that will be posted to those who tried to PM you that was not given access to open a PM to you. You can change the message if you like to..

When I Receive a New PM Message

Show this Message Window =  The Incoming PM will open up on top of what you have open

Minimize the Window to the Task Bar = The incoming PM will Minimize to your task bar (you will need to click on it to open it up

Log Rejected PM's

Put a check at this box this will make you a log of those who PM you not on your friends list or those who do not have your magic word. To access this log  click on show log button. To clear this log right click on the screen and select Delete log. To PM a user back that is on the log left click on the users name and select PM

Archive PM's on

Put a check in this box only if you want a log created of all your PM Conversations To view the log click on View Archive

Return back PM Bombs

Put a check at this box if you want the Bombs returned to the sender. This box defaults  on log in...This means every time you start Yazak and you want to use this feature you will need to open PM Preferences and recheck the box.

Max number of open PM windows

Set this box to 1 and only 1 PM box will be able to open at a time meaning if another person tries to PM you they wont be able to do so un till you have closed that open PM. Set this number to the number of PM's you want to open at one time.

Max PM  Messages per second

How many PM's can open in the seconds set.

Max size PM Log

This will set the size of the PM log you can change this number as well by default  this is set to 400.



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