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Misses post happens a lot more then we realized when chatting on Yahoo Chat

You will find the settings for this under Preferences. (File top right of Yazak click on Preferences)

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Yazak has made is so we can see when were missing post from a user. The Default letter is B.

You can edit this

I put XXX into mine. When a user post into the room and you see your missed post symbol by there name it means you have missed post from that user.

To turn off Missed Post just leave blank. (you will not see when a user's post is missing) But the count will keep counting.

Yazak has added a count for missed post this will give you a total count for all missed post while your in chat.(from sign in to sign out).

This will reset every time you close Yazak and will start the count again when you log back into Yazak.

As you see below I show a total of 0 missed post and I had been in chat room for 1 hour 32 min 22 sec

Using Chat Server cs128.msg.ac4.yahoo.com

If you scroll over the count number you will see a box appear telling you the total post the missed post and the percent of reliability you are getting

If you left click on the count number then right click into your text box and select paste

then click your send button it will send the count to the room (like you see below)

I am on Yazak Version 8.86.60

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