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Yahoo has stopped 3rd party login

We can no longer login to Yahoo Messenger with Yazak
All older versions of Yahoo Messenger no longer work=(
I have put some black blocks to show you most of what was a part of Yahoo Log In. (Soon Yazakchat will update the log in screen)
If you already have a Yahoo Id and it has been logged into YazSerV it will still work.
Just select the user name you would like to use from the pull down tab then join the room with the Join Chat Room on YazSerV (Orange Button) as you did before.

Some users are using the New Yahoo Messenger and some users are using Skype to message friends. I have both so that I can talk to friends that are using both. you can run them while on Yazak just let your friends know so they can install and use the one your using.

New Users

Just use the Join Chat Room On YazSerV Button(Orange Button)

You do not need to use the Log Into Yahoo (Green Button)
If you are a new user to Yazak Just use the Join Chat Room on YazSerV (Orange Button) and a user name will be assigned to you.
The Change Room Box will open and you can select a room from there.
You can find me, (Carolisayazakuser) Yazakchat2004 and Freecreed in the Freecreed chat room under the Yazakpro tab.
If you need help come on in

(if we are away from our PC we will be back ASAP)
Come in the room ask YazakChat2004 about the android version for Yazak! =)

Change Rooms

A user name will be assigned to you 

Select a room from one of the 4 tabs as shown and then use the Join Room (Green Button)
The chat rooms listed under the YazakPro tab are all user made rooms (people are running them from there home computers) You can also make and run your own chat room on yazak! You can find the Tutorial here
So if their computer goes off or restarts and so on that room will disappear from the user list during the time the room is down choose a different room I'm sure it will be back on ASAP! There are a couple backup rooms running on Yazak Chat server for Chat Lobby and Freecreed chat rooms they have the word bu after the chat room name these rooms wont go down as easliy and you can use them till the user's room that went down is back up again.

The numbers shown after the chat room name is the number of people in that chat room like Freecreed (4) has 4 people in the room and you can see how many days that room has been up Freecreed room has been up for 4 hours when I took this screen shot
Under the other tabs shown are rooms that run on our servers and there up 99% of the time your welcome to use any room you like.

Invite your friends chat with voice in the room or play trivia have fun.

Room User List

Top right hand side of the chat room

Here you will find the user name that has been assigned to you. (ghpjkjkgebf@vs) is the user name that was assigned to me! Yours will be similar=)
I'm sorry at this time you can not choose your user name!

Back up your Yazak

(Backup your Yazak Preferences in the VirtualStore Program Files)

Move your back up to your new computer or your formatted hard drive if you have backed up your Yazak you can move these files back into your Yazak Preference folder and you will be able to use your Yahoo Username's as long as they have been logged into Yazak before Yahoo stopped our access to Yahoo Messenger! You will find your User names in the Virtual Store C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramFiles (x86)\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat\YazakPreferences
or in program files C:\Program Files (x86)\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat\YazakPreferences I highlighted the files above you will need to move these files LogInSettings_YMSG File and the UserNames File Plus all the Usernames you want to use into Yazak Preference folder Note there are more then one file that goes with your username as you can see above.
Then you can select your user name from the login screen=-)
The other files you see here are
ChatRoom_Settings.txt this is your font size your room size and so on....
TimeUsedYazak is of course the time you have used Yazak
Note that you would need to back up your Yazak files and put the TimeUsedYazak in a new computer or formatted hard drive to continue the time.

Other Stuff

Check for New Yazak Version

Get a New Yahoo ID if you need one.
I'm not sure about the Country Tab as it is also part of Yahoo I have not tried it
You do not need to log out any longer.

Under the File tab

Run your own Yazak Chat Room with YazServ

Quit---This will close Yazak
Log File---Used to work out log in errors
Show Chat Room---This will put you back in the chat room
The rest was used for Yahoo Messenger

Update Yazak

Check for New Yazak Version

Use the Yazak updater to keep Yazak up to date!

Help and About

Help Links

Under About you will find the version of Yazak you are using
and some other useful stuff there is a link to the Yazak help Forum.
Under Help you will find some Help Links to get you started!

9/25/2016 I added some stuff
9/20/2016 page made responsive

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