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PM using YAHOO or MSN
 Use the Y to change to MSN mode
Yahoo! Mode Yellow "Y"
MSN Mode Green "M"
You need to set it to "M" Msn mode when you pm a MSN User
        This will Automaticly be set if you recieve a PM from a MSN User.
This will Ignore this User
PM on top or Under
Options  Right Click in blank area of PM Window
Show recent message Archive
If you have closed and reopened
a PM with the same user you can click
here to transfer the old messages to the
current open PM you are in with that user
alerts other user that you
are trying to get there attention
Turns on Voice
Turns off voice
Volume Bar
Used to adjust the other User's volume
Mute's the User's Voice
Voice stays on
Send Audibles
Send Smiley
View this User's Profile
Press and hold while talking
release when done
Sends your text message
View Message Archive
If you have PM archives
on in PM preferences
Invite to PM Voice
use this option to use Voice
conferences with more then one User
Stop Flash PM Window
 if you check this option your PM will not
flash when minimized to the task bar
Show Audibles
for those of you that do not want to use
or see audibles uncheck this box
Buzz On
Set sound for this option
preferences page 1
Profile Name's
Using the Pull down arrow next to your User Name you can Select
your Profiles you have for that Account Id
Show Encrupt
(If you check this option a encrupt box will open
from here you can type to the other user in code)
this code only works when sending text to a  user in Yahoo Messenger
other Yazak User's wont see the code as Yazak auto decodes it.
 PM Voice Icon Click to talk into the PM
 When you are talking the Icon will change
You can use the Icon to talk to your friend in PM when you have the PM minimized
Scroll over the PM Voice Icon in the System Tray to see Who's PM it is