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Temp Ignores/Perm Ignores
To open your Ignore box right click on your ignore button
 in the chat room you will get a menu
Show ignores windows This will open the Ignore box
Ignore all strangers post and put on temp Ignore
This will ignore any one that post in the room that is not on your Chat Room Buddies list
Note: As long as Ignore all strangers posts and put on Temp Ignore is checked
Users will be Ignored as they post into the chat room Un Check to Turn it Off
Remove all strangers on Temp Ignore click this to remove the users from Ignore
Left Click on a user name in the chat room then Left click on the ignores button
Ignore box will come  up
The User Name will appear in the box next to Add User
the name i am going to add is shahidkamb
First click on the ignore option you want to use Temp/Perm/Yahoo
Now click on the add user button
I have added shahidkamb to temp ignore
Now I want to remove user shahidkamb’s
text from the room Left click on the user name
in the chat room and you will have a few options
un-ignore user and Ignore User Perm
+more options Here I am going to choose
Remove Text Only
You can also Perm ignore + Remove text from here
Days to Ignore
 Using the min/max buttons to set the Days to Ignore to
Minimum   or Maximum
The Minimum is 1 days
The Maximum is 9999 days
You can Change the number of days to ignore a user to any number you like
this number will say set unless you push the min/max            button to reset the number
To Open your permanent Ignore list Click on Perm
to see all the users in the Perm Ignore list select Show All
To see all the users in the Yahoo Ignore list click on Yahoo Button
You can also see who has Joined and Left Chat
To see all users in the chat room Click on the Chat Button