free hit counters
free hit counters
You can edit the text messages that are already there
you can add a new title to each menu and create your own text messages
The name always appears in the room after the message
8 Menu's in all
each menu holds 8 messages
# menu 0 to # menu 7
(You can not add another menu)
File/Preferences Page 4
To edit a message simply make your changes you can change the color
you can add smiley faces using smiley faces code you can edit the text
To make a new message Type in your Title under any menu of your choice
use the Tab key (on your key board) Type in your text put the color for the text
Add smileys if you like
I added Smooch to my Menu 2 used pink for the color and added kiss smileys
looks like this in the chat room
To save you changes cick the X (top right corner of box)
Choose Save, Don’t Save or Cancel
Right click on user name in chat room
select the message you are going to send