What is Gossip

Gossip is for Yazak users only if you use the gossip feature only other Yazak users can see it..So in a chat room and see another Yazak user give it a try ok!!

Click on the  button

Type your text into the Gossip box and press enter on your keyboard

In the chat room type into the text bar and send the text to the room or post a smiley to the room and your Gossip will follow

Note:the Gossip will appear in the next few posts some where! The idea of this is so other Yazak Users don't know what Yazak User posted the Gossip lol of course if you're the only Yazak User posting in the room others Yazak Users will know its you !

To use different colors in Gossip

use these commands where you want the color at <red> <blue> <black> <green> as shown above

 You can do this to change the colors of your text in the chat room as well just type into your text bar like this

How its typed in using the commands

How it looks in the room

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