Using the Filter

Left click on filter to open

These Words/Sentences will ignore the user posting them either Temporary or Permanently

In the Filters you can Select Post only this will not Ignore the User but Ignore the Users Post

Note you can not use comma's to separated words ok.

Here is Zaks filter in a ready made file for you to use if you like

Download Winzip

Save the filters to your computer into a folder and unzip the filters into the folder

there will be 2 files here one for the filters and one for the wildcard ignore

make sure you are in the correct box to load the filters into the filters box you must have the Filter checked...

To load your Filter right click in the box and select Load List

Go to the folder where you saved your filters and Select Filter/Click Open

That's it the list has been loaded into yazak

To learn how to use these filters Click Here

Wildcard Ignore Tutorial

How to use the Filter Switch Words box

On page 4 of Preference

To Use put a check at Filter Switch Words

to Edit

Click on Edit Switch Filter

The words that are posted in the chat room will be replaced  to the words that have been put into the Filter Words box as shown below. The list of words as shown on the left have been replaces with the words as shown on the right

To edit this box click on Edit Filter the box that is shown below will come up. You can add to this list or change the words that are already listed to words of your choice. Use the tab key to separate words. Example...........

bad (tab) nice

Now when some one post the word bad into the chat room you will see the word nice.........

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