About Display Image

First turn on Display Image

Now to upload a Display Picture

this will bring up the Display image change box

If you do not see the word Crumb= It will not work click on this link to Zak's page to tell you how to change your Avg Free anti virus program to allow the display image http://www.yazakpro.com/yazak/help/avg_problem_display_image_change.html

Click browse button and select a photo/image

Now click the upload button

Now you have a Display Image

If your display image does not show after you set it up a easy fix is to right click on some ones display image and select manage this will take you to the display image files

In the Display Image files click on the letter of you chat id name this will bring up your name with a smiley picture

Right click and Delete your chat name image.

Now post in the room a time or two and your name will be put back with the display picture you have selected

You can click on a Display Image to make it larger to view.