To Use Stealth Settings
Click on user name to highlight
Right click and go to Stealth Settings
Or click on the Stealth Button at bottom of Buddies list
Click on user name
Right click for options
select View
Buddies (Yahoo Friends)
Use The Arrows to Expand Groups in your Friends List
Working with Groups
Select Create New Group to add new Groups to your list
Just type in the group name you would like to add
then click ok
You must add at lease 1 user to this Group
for Yazak to remember the new group
To move a user from one group to another
just expand both groups left click and hold the user
to be moved then drop into new group
Numbers here show how
many users in your friends
list and how may users
are online in that group
in my friends list there is
1 user on line and
37 toltal users in my
friends group
Groups will show like this
If your Buddies box is not expanded
out far enough you will not see all of
user away message click on user name
then scroll over user name to view message
Refuse any one adding you to there friends list
(Recomended) You dont want everyone adding
you to there friends list. Allow only when you
want to allow some one to add you be sure to
change back to Refuse after each add
You can bring up the user added
you list by clicking on Show Add
In you Buddies Box
You can also Right click in the buddies
box for Options then put a check at
Refuse any one adding me to there list
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