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Alert Words

You can control how your alerts words appear in the room I will show you how it looks.

No HiLite means just that


HiLite Alert word normal

or HiLite Alert word Outline

You can change your Alert color and your Marquee background color using the color pallet

Alert Words

Alert me when any Words below said in Room

Start with putting your Name or Name's in the box as shown below separate each word with a comma Do not use Spaces

I use carol short for (carol_is_a_yazak_user) No need to put my hole chat id in it will pick up on any part of your Id.

I put carol,yazak Carol my name and yazak because I answer Questions about Yazak so I want to be alerted when some one ask a question! I use the HiLite Alert word this High lights your name makes it easy to find what was said to me in a busy chat room. Great for when you are away from your computer you can use the alert box

You would use the #O. On No. Sound Alerts O Alert words said in room to set a sound alert for your name.

Select the 0 Alert words said in room from the pull down then use the change button to find a sound

(you can create your own sounds)

Yazak Sounds

Sounds are set to Yazak sounds by default You will need to load sounds into Yazak to use them.

You can create your own sounds and put them in yazak

Yazak has created some sounds you can find them here

Your path to the sounds would be C:\Program Files\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat\waves

Messenger Sounds

put a check at yahoo sounds to use these sounds you can see the path to the sounds on the Sound file to play line

C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger\Media

Once you have found the sound you want click the open button





You can click on play to hear the sound you have selected

Do not want that sound use the change button to change it

Do the same for all sounds you would like set

There are 7 alerts

(0)Alert Words said in the room

(1)Friend comes on line

(2)Friend goes off line

(3)Receives an instant message

(4)Chat room buddies enters the room

(5)A Friend Buzzes you

(6)Auto Ignores a user

(7) Chat Room Buddies leave

Use The alert button  

Save your self time scrolling the chatters box

Enjoy Chatting

I do