Yazak Created YazServ around 2005

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YazServ is a chat program made by Yazak The program is user friendly with voice you can join a room or make a room meet new friends invite people you already know to down load yazak and join you in chat I know people from all around the world it's a lot of fun to chat and meet people there are plenty of tutorials to teach you how to  use yazserv and we also offer support in our chat room called freecreed.com come on in our chat room if you have questions. There are no bots no ads so you can enjoy nice peaceful friendly chatting

voice tutorial here

Update YazaK and Yazak Voice and Yazserv if needed

You can get Yazak from My site or Yazak's site



Open Yazak from where ever you have it saved on your computer

Log into Yahoo

Use the YazServ button to join a chat room.

You can use your Yahoo profile names also you can access yahoo instance messages (Pm's) just use the buddies button on the long in screen or from inside the chat room

Note; When the owner of a room reboots there computer or closes there room you will be disconnect from that chat room and you will need to join a different room or wait for that room to reopen. This happens every now and then. Note that yazak has some rooms up and running from his web site on the server these rooms are not likely to close at all

Yahoo has closed all chat rooms on December 14 2012

You need to log into yahoo for instant messages (Pm's) there is no voice in pm's at this time Yazak is working on voice for pm's

Yazak is mostly user made rooms

rooms made by people that run the rooms from there computer

each room has the room host the person who made the room the host has complete control of the room

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Thank you Zak

For taking the time to create Yazserv your very own independent Chat who would of guessed several years later Yahoo would Close Yahoo Chat Rooms and it would become our new hang out place. Good thing you did create it. With very short notice of the closing of Yahoo Chat rooms I just want to say for all the hours you put into YazServ to make it better the last couple Months you have been working so hard to get it ready.

Thank you Zak

Yazak and Freecreed both have servers up for Chat Rooms

Choose a room from the list and select Join Room

Some Rooms have ratings Freecreed's Room is G Rated Other Chat Rooms have other ratings or non at all. Choose a room you like and Enjoy Chat...

Below is some help on how to make your own user room

Below is some help on Port forward and other user made rooms help stuff

YazServ Chat Room

This screen shot was taken when Yazak first made Yaserv and I made my very first room.

Last Update on 3/6/2014 12/20/2014