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I am on Yazak V7.76.0

Tired of adjusting Volumes for you chat friends well Individual Volume Control has been added to your chat room buddies now set them once and they are saved!!! Now this is kewl!!!

Right Click on User Name to be added to Chat Room Buddies list and select add to Chat Room Buddies. a box will open up like the one on the one you see here... Now you see the Voice Vol Level a nice place to start is 50 now that you have set your buddie to 50 % test it if its too low or to high adjust it till you get it where its right using %'s like 10, 20, 30 and so on... now that buddie is set and you wont have to turn them up or down any longer...

Put a check in alert when in room... this feature will alert you when your Chat Room Buddie enters the room... now this is nice you can set up any wave file you like and be alerted with that sound wave when you buddie enters the chat room.. I made my own so when Zak enters the room my wave I made says Zak has entered the room. you can use different sounds for each buddie as well I will explaine how to do this below...


These settings will set a alert for all your chat room buddies ok

Go to file click on preferences

Where you see no: Sound Alerts set it to 4 Chat Room Buddies Enter Room Alert to do that use the pull down arrow I circled it above.. Then click on the change button to set a sound...

Select a sound and click on the open button.. Now a sound has been set and this sound will work for all chat room buddies... But we can now set individual sound waves for each buddie let me show you how to do that ok..


And Thank you Yazak for all your hard work.. You keep making our Yazak better and better..

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Last Updated on Tuesday, March 21, 2006