Tattoo's too use in the Chat Room

Lets start here

Go to Format Put a check at Tattoo on Then go back to Format and click on Tattoo change

Lots of nice things you can do with tattoo's Let me show you some of them..

How I made this (you've been hugged) tattoo

If you look in the Top box in tattoo change it shows you how the Tattoo will look in the room..The Next box down it shows the code or letters for that tattoo Note that the smiley shows in top box but in the code box it shows as >:D< ....

Using lets you put more than one picture or letters in your tattoo..So put a check at then click on the button..Now click on the button to select the font you want to use I have selected System I also selected Bold for Font Style and 9 for size

Ok Once you have selected your font to use you don't need to click on every letter you want with your mouse (unless you want to ) You can use your Keyboard to Type it in..So on my Keyboard I typed in >>you've been>> then I clicked on the button and selected a smiley to use>>Then I typed in the >>'ed...and in the chat room it looks like this

Ok on this one I changed my Font  to Black Chancery.. You can use any font you want..

This one I  didn't use font I selected button and selected one of the arrows show in wingdings and then a smiley for the middle then another arrow..

If you uncheck you can only use one tattoo..Just select a picture from the smiley or one of the webdings/wingdings

I selected the spider web.. then just click ok and you will see your tattoo/tattoos in the chat room..

Note when changing tattoos its best to click on the button before selecting a new tattoo to use ok..




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