Avatars are  cute little pictures made by chat users all around the world Avatars are used in Chat Clients they appear before your Name in the chat room every time you post if turned on.

These Chat Clients offer Avatars

Chat help (CH)  Cheeta Chat (Cheeta) Yazak (YZ)  Yahelite  (YA) Our Chat Help (OC)

To turn Avatars on click on Format click on Avatar/Display image put a check at Avatar on

To open the Avatar Directory click on the tree icon

Choose your avatar directory by putting a check at that directory you want to open. I have selected  YZ to open Yazak directory

click on a number A to Z or other the avatars are listed in alphabetical order using the buttons to navigate through the pages

To Select a Avatar to use  click on one of the pictures in the top of Avatar Change and click ok

I chose file name yazakchat3 the picture you choose will appear at the end of the alphabetical list now just click ok your avatar is ready to use.

How to load Avatars

New Additions  Put a check at New Additions to see recently added files

Favorites  Here you can easily fine your Favorite Avatars  To add a Avatar to your favorites just click on the Avatar and then click on the add to favorites button

Delete  Click on Avatar you want to delete then click the delete button

No Avatar Button  use this button when you do not want to use a avatar in chat

Preferences Avatars

Show users Avatar Once does just that each user's avatar will be posted at there first post then you will not see it on there following post.

Load these Avatar types during chat

If a User post a Avatar into the chat room that you do not have. Yazak will Auto load that Avatar into your Avatar files saved on your computer. You can uncheck the Load these avatar types during chat to stop new avatars from loading into your Avatar files but you will not see any new Avatars in the chat room while these boxes are unchecked If you want to load New Avatars into your files these boxes must be checked.

Avatar Counters this is the total Avatar files you have saved to your Computer these totals will update each time you load more avatars into your files.

Link  A link will appear when you click on a Avatar Directory you can go to the web site to view Avatars in that Directory.

Check? a Avatar