Johnís Background Switcher (or JBS for short) periodically changes the background image on your computer (like every hour or every day) to something interesting. You can specify which pictures to choose from:

Zipeg is a universal free file opener for .zip and .rar files with just a click you can open a file and see what's inside.

Welcome to the homepage of FileZilla, the free FTP solution. Both a client and a server are available. FileZilla is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License

Learn more than 200 interesting facts about your computer. Details about your CPU, memory, operating system, even your computer's power source, are all displayed. You can also copy the information to the Windows clipboard, and paste it into a document for permanent storage.

Free search engine registration to 18 search engines. Our automatic website submission service is very easy to use.

Sendcard is a free multi-database (It currently supports 9 different databases!) ecards script or virtual postcard program written in PHP. Suitable for large or small sites, it is very easy to setup, and comes with an installation wizard.

Zak has a very nice list of Free Applications and Utility Programs such as

Image Burn Program, You-Tube downloader, Partition Wizard and much more.


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