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My file of Free Tags/Quotes for use on Facebook or Twitter or any Social Networks Use the button below to access my Web site pages  All Quotes listed on my Web Site can be found on my Facebook page as well.

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My file of Free Tags/Quotes for use on Facebook Like and Share those you like you can use them on Status some ones Timeline or your own Timeline and so on To use on other social networks save to your computer and up load to your page

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  Welcome to my free section Here you will find stuff I make, stuff I put together I paint I have the most fun with my Bamboo draw pad. I use psp tubes in a lot of my work from sites I have member ships at and sites that offer free ones

Every thing you find here that I make is free to use on your web site you will also find web designs I make to help you build web pages You will also find Links to Free Stuff

I have Cervical Myelomalacia (softening of the spinal cord) There is no cure for my condition I also have Parkinson's disease and COPD I am on oxygen 24/7

I am disabled I enjoy playing with art Making Tags or Quotes I love to paint using my bamboo pad :-) I wish I could sit and do it all day but my disability wont let me I have to Lay down after a few hours so I am on and off the computer I will update my site with more stuff as I am able to I hope  you find some thing you like

I also have permission to use animations from some of the sites listed in the animation link page!


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Do you Chat  would you like to join a chat room meet new people. Free Chat With Voice or Would you like to make your own chat rooms with having complete control of the room then you want Yaserv. Yazak has made his own Chat Client and its very user friendly if you need help we have plenty of tutorials. Or you can visit us in Freecreed.com's chat room you will find this room in the list of chat rooms all the room reg's in there can help you with any questions you might have. You do not need to log into yahoo to join a chat room but you do need your yahoo ID to use instant messages (PM's)

Download Yazak http://www.carolisayazakuser.com/yazak/index.html

Join a chat room use this tutorial http://www.carolisayazakuser.com/helppage/aboutyazserv.htm

Make your own chat room use this tutorial http://www.carolisayazakuser.com/helppage/usermaderooms.htm


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