Hi my name is Carol

Photo taken 4/2017 Las Vegas Nv

I am the owner of (I post free stuff that I find here) and (I post my free art from my renders here)

I am into Digital Art, Web Designs, and Pc and Pocket Games.

I am from California, I had moved to Oklahoma to be closer to one of my daughters and well they have them tornados there (wow) needles to say I spent one year there and moved on to Las Vegas  and brought my daughter and grandkids with me lol I have been here in  Vegas since 2004

We hit 92 degrees a couple days ago May 2nd 2017 Awesome! Looking forward to a nice hot summer!

I am a 55 year old Minecraft Player

My latest build is this Ferris Wheel. I own a Minecraft Realm and I enjoy playing with my grandkids. 

Thank You for visiting my site!

Enjoy your stay and please check back for updates 

Living on Earth
Las Vegas, Nv 

Carol Lee
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