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Welcome to my Favorites Page A lot of these pages belong to friends of mine and you might enjoy visiting them.
Scroll on down to find some of my favorite Yazak stuff


Tallest , Richest , Fastest, Longest, Farthest
Some interesting facts check it out
From Yahoo Help Rooms to Yazserv I have chatted with Steve close to 15 years
he is a awesome friend and he has some awesome sites

Like poetry then visit Cali's World You will find some beautiful poems on there Also wallpaper/backgrounds..Yazak Backgrounds,
Tags all made by Cali and it's all free to use
Image Visit his site he has some free licensed programs (not trial offers) also he offers computer and chat support for Yazak's YazServ Chat Yahoo and more
From Yahoo to Yazak and I'm still chatting with Freecreed in
his very own user made room he host on Yazak

I used to chat with Barbara back when Yahoo had chat rooms
Her art work is awesome take a look
Barbara Lancaster International Artist
Portraits, Oils Barbara is self-taught, and highly skilled in a number of mediums

Image  Replacement Smileys page 1


Meet Topper another chat friend from the Yahoo Days! She was one of Yahoo's most Dedicated Chatters She has some links for computer and chat help on her page

Here is some of the frist Pictures I made in the digital world=)

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How to set up Yazak's Buttons

Have some fun with Fonts

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How to set up Color Effects

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Yazak is a inspiration to me and he has taught me most of what I know about web page designs He is a very good friend and also the maker of Yazak Chat Client

aniblue04_a_next.gifGet your free Chat Client Today..aniblue04_a_back.gif

"If its not Yazak its not Chat".

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My thank-you page

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This is my animations page!

When I first started learning animations

If you like one of the pictures you can save it by right clicking on the picture and select save as..

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Avatars are a great addition to Yazak

Yazak Avatars from the beginning...Here you can see the first version of Yazak Avatars..What  it looked like when Avatars was first added to Yazak Chat Client and what it looks like now

aniblue04_a_next.gif  Avatars in the Beginning aniblue04_a_back.gif

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Here is some screen shots of Yazak Chat Client with Avatars

Here you can see what they look like in the chat room

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